My Experiences in Telecom

I have had experience in the Telecom sector from January, 1964 to end of October, 2001. In fact the dates are surprisingly clearly etched in my mind : 07-01-1964 to 31-10-2001! On selection as ‘Engineering Supervisor’ in the Telecom department, then we were sent for a full year’s training consisting of ten months theoretical trainingContinue reading “My Experiences in Telecom”

How I got rid of Thagara Slate ……..!

This is the tale of how I got rid of my Thagara Slate (Tin slate used in those days by school children for writing) as an elementary school boy. In those days, i.e late 1940s, cooking was not done using LPG, Induction stove, microwave, etc. Even pressure cookers were rarely used. People used firewood forContinue reading “How I got rid of Thagara Slate ……..!”

Saga of Reading Kamba Ramayanam….! (Part 4) The Tale Unfolds…….!

The 7th Kaandam of ‘Srimad Kamba Ramayanam’ by Pulavar E. Thirunavukkarasu is the Uthara Kaandam. This Kaandam describes Rama sending a pregnant Sita to live in a forest, the birth of twin sons Lava, Kucha, etc. Here Lord Rama learns through his spies that people are indulging in loose talk that Rama has accepted SitaContinue reading “Saga of Reading Kamba Ramayanam….! (Part 4) The Tale Unfolds…….!”

Saga of Reading Kamba Ramayanam….! (Part 3) The Tale In The Making…….!

The following are the six main Kaandams of Kamba Ramayana: Bala Kaandam Ayodhya Kaandam Aaranya Kaandam Kishkindha Kaandam Sundara Kaandam and Yudha Kaandam, There is a seventh Kaandam called ‘Uththara Kaandam.’ It is widely believed that chanting or reading Sundara Kaandam helps bring peace and prosperity to a family in distress. Even in our presentContinue reading “Saga of Reading Kamba Ramayanam….! (Part 3) The Tale In The Making…….!”

Saga of Reading Kamba Ramayanam….! (Part 2) The Tale Unfolds………

Like I had written in my previous post, I came to read the Kamba Ramayanam, to escape from some disapproval at my constant engagement with electronic trivia! I would have used the word garbage, but decided to go with the politer word. The Kamba Ramayanam is actually ‘Srimad Kamba Ramayanam’ written by Pulavar E. ThirunavukkarasuContinue reading “Saga of Reading Kamba Ramayanam….! (Part 2) The Tale Unfolds………”

Saga of Reading Kamba Ramayanam….! (Part 1)

For the past few weeks, my daily routine has been predictable. It is like this – speak to my LS –  Loving Son in the night over the phone, around 10.00 pm, go to bed around 11.00 or 11.30 pm and sleep around midnight….. Again get up in the morning around 06.30 hours, feel itContinue reading “Saga of Reading Kamba Ramayanam….! (Part 1)”

Khushwant Singh – My Favourite Author

Khushwant Singh is my favourite writer. In spite of a seemingly brazen style of writing, if you care to observe closely, there is an honesty which is sorely missing in many of the other authors. His was a ‘ tongue in cheek’ style. If I remember correctly, the cartoon of the author himself seated besideContinue reading “Khushwant Singh – My Favourite Author”

Philosophy and Reality – the Way We are….. Part 2

Whenever I heard someone declare ” I am happy & sad at the same time,” I would silently say “Kya bakwas hai!” – “What nonsense!” ( in Hindi) Now, I have to admit that I could use the expression myself! You know what – in a couple of days I am leaving Panvel & flyingContinue reading “Philosophy and Reality – the Way We are….. Part 2”

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