Saga of Reading Kamba Ramayanam….! (Part 4) The Tale Unfolds…….!

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The 7th Kaandam of ‘Srimad Kamba Ramayanam’ by Pulavar E. Thirunavukkarasu is the Uthara Kaandam. This Kaandam describes Rama sending a pregnant Sita to live in a forest, the birth of twin sons Lava, Kucha, etc.

Here Lord Rama learns through his spies that people are indulging in loose talk that Rama has accepted Sita who spent one year across the ocean in Lanka ruled by Rakshasa King Ravana. Therefore, Rama desires one more ‘Agni Pariksha’, before accepting Sita as his wife!

Now Sita feels “Enough is enough” and she requests Bhoomi Matha to open up and accept her DD.

Her wish is granted.

Yes, in the end, women prove who the stronger sex is!

There are many more things, that come to my mind and I would like to share with you, my Readers.

But I would like to keep this Post reasonably short and hence close this Post here.


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One thought on “Saga of Reading Kamba Ramayanam….! (Part 4) The Tale Unfolds…….!

  1. Hmmm. That was a short post indeed… reminds me of the old Doordarshan days when a telecast would abruptly cease, only to be replaced by a “रूकावट के लिए खेद हैं” banner! 😜 ‘Same pheeling’ as Vadivelu would say!

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