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It is said that with advancing years, man gets wiser. Not me….. though nearing 80 in a couple of years, I have NOT learnt to keep my trap shut. I often flip with it and, well you guessed it right, I land in unenviable situations!

One such occasion was when I innocently (!) queried of my DD, “What is a Prompt?”

I asked for it – she not only explained what ‘Prompt’ is, she went a step further and came up with 19 prompts!

I flipped again. I asked her, “What prompted you to give me so many prompts?”

She PROMPTLY replied, “That is the 20th one!”

I know, I know – you agree with me whole-heartedly that I have not learnt in my seventy eight years of existence, when to keep quiet!


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I am an engineer who worked in almost all branches of the Telecom Department of Government of India. I consider myself to be cool and collected at all times, myself being the operative word .....! I am a homebird and love being with my family. I miss my loving wife of more than five decades ..... she left for her Heavenly abode two years ago.

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