Life is Full of Surprises!

My DD (darling daughter) is capable of springing up surprises. The recent one (rather one too many!) was through Amazon. Yes ….. she had ordered a cover for my iPad about which I knew only when the delivery guy came knocking at our door. Before I could recover from this, another guy came along! This time, itContinue reading “Life is Full of Surprises!”

Cheekiness Continued ….. The Saga Unfolds!

Reading about the manager Mr. Subash Bakshi in Chetan Bhagat’s book ‘One Night At The Call Center’ brought back my memories of one such boss that I had in the late 1960s. Nearly four decades of my service necessarily involved interacting with bosses who occupied either end of the spectrum ranging from too bad toContinue reading “Cheekiness Continued ….. The Saga Unfolds!”

“Way to Dusty Death” by Alistair MacLean : Book review

This fast paced book is about Formula One races; the high stakes involved and the role of a few unscrupulous but unsuspected men involved. The speed of racing cars travelling at 260 kilometres per hour can be experienced at many places by the readers, due to the vivid description. It is not for nothing thatContinue reading ““Way to Dusty Death” by Alistair MacLean : Book review”

‘Everyday’ ………. Stories!

I had been reading Devdutt Pattanaik’s ‘7Secrets of Shiva’. The book though very interesting, informative, and thought-provoking, leaves you somewhat drained because what you read, needs pondering over before assimilation! You need something lighter to regain your normal faculties. The best choice was before me – “Grandma’s bag of stories” by none other than Sudha Murthy.Continue reading “‘Everyday’ ………. Stories!”

Psophometer …….. ?!!!

Though this incident happened almost six decades ago, it is still fresh in my mind, as though it was only yesterday that it happened! While at the Telecom Training Centre, Trivandrum, we had a subject ‘Transmission Theory’, a rather tough one to grasp, for almost all of us. This subject was handled by a very knowledgeableContinue reading “Psophometer …….. ?!!!”

Book review: “Becoming” by Michelle Obama

This is a very well written and interesting book leaving the reader engrossed, once started. Mrs. Michelle Obama and Mr. Barrack Obama are the 44th First Family and the 11th family to spend two terms in the White House. They would always be the first Black one. The motto they tried to live by isContinue reading “Book review: “Becoming” by Michelle Obama”

Me and my Cheekiness……! (Part 1)

Immediately after joining as EST ( Engineering Supervisor Telegraphs) at Hubli, Karnataka, I had a Boss who wanted a report every morning at 8 a.m. about the interruptions in my Section. I used to collect information and convey it to him daily. It so happened one day that I could talk to him only atContinue reading “Me and my Cheekiness……! (Part 1)”

“A Prison Diary” by FF 8282 (Jeffrey Archer) – Book Review

After a perjury trial, Jeffrey Archer is sentenced to four years jail. He is to spend 22 days in HMP Belmarsh, a high security prison which houses some of Britain’s most violent criminals. The diary is meticulously written for the stay lasting for 22 days from 19th July 2001 to 9th August 2001. This diaryContinue reading ““A Prison Diary” by FF 8282 (Jeffrey Archer) – Book Review”

Book Review – “Mahashweta”

“Mahashweta” by Shrimati Sudha Murthy is an interesting novel about a girl – Anupama who is born in a small Karnataka village as the daughter of Shamanna, a school teacher to his first wife. She loses her mother when barely a year old child. Her father marries another lady – Sabhakka, a loud mouthed, domineeringContinue reading “Book Review – “Mahashweta””

Telecommunications in the Sixties….!

Telecommunications in the 1960’s when the Department was known as Posts & Telegraphs (P&T) Department, was very different from telecommunications now, when we are 20 years into the twenty-first century! When I joined the training centre at Trivandrum, Kerala, India, in January, 1963 for a full year of training as Engineering Supervisor, I had toContinue reading “Telecommunications in the Sixties….!”

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