Khushwant Singh – My Favourite Author

Khushwant Singh is my favourite writer.

In spite of a seemingly brazen style of writing, if you care to observe closely, there is an honesty which is sorely missing in many of the other authors. His was a ‘ tongue in cheek’ style.

If I remember correctly, the cartoon of the author himself seated beside a pile of books – all inside a bulb carried the title ‘With Malice Towards One and All’.

(My DD found a picture for me on the Internet, based on my description of ‘the man in the bulb’!)

Those days when he was the chief editor of ‘ Illustrated weekly’, the first thing I used to look for was his ‘With Malice Towards One and All’ column.

I do miss his racy style of writing. When the next gathering of book lovers to discuss the writings of Khushwant Singh takes place in ‘Joy of Books’, Annanagar, JBAN, I would love to occupy a chair in the front row.

You can read all about it in the blog post of JBAN using the link:

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