Life is Full of Surprises!

My DD (darling daughter) is capable of springing up surprises. The recent one (rather one too many!) was through Amazon.

Yes ….. she had ordered a cover for my iPad about which I knew only when the delivery guy came knocking at our door.

Before I could recover from this, another guy came along! This time, it was even a bigger surprise. The parcel contained two books of my favourite author Sudha Murthy.

The books were:

(1) “Three Thousand Stitches” and

(2)”Here, There and Everywhere”

I simply sat with the books and devoured them at one go, non-stop!

It goes without saying that I was floating around the house murmuring Lata Mangeshkar’s song ‘Aaj kal paon zameen par nahi padthe mere’. (My feet do not touch the ground nowadays!)

I could hardly help sporting the look of ‘a cat that had helped itself to a lot of cream!’ 

Wait, that was not all. The next surprise was delivered personally by my DD.

Guess what? This was a surprise that I could not even guess!

She gave me a ‘Galaxy Wearable’.  This is a watch like thingy which displays, besides time, steps walked by the person wearing it, the pace of walk, calories burnt, distance covered etc.

Only thing is you have to remember to wear this contraption on your wrist when you start your walk. We are all used to keeping our mobiles at one place and wandering all over, without bothering where the device is!

This blessed thing even encourages one with remarks like “Healthy pace! ……. “Keep it up!” ……… “Good work out!” ……… and the like.

Just when I am all pleased with my activities, like the actor Parthiban harassing the comedian Vadivelu in Tamil cinema, the devices flashes a pop-out message: : “STOP! Target reached!”

The first time this happened I actually started looking around searching for my SON – who always teases me with the words “You are always over- doing things”.

Thank God for blessing me with a Loving daughter and a Concerned son, even if their attention and solicitude is a little disconcerting! 

Only one thing is beyond my grasping power – who set the target and how does this contraption know to flash this message, stopping me in my tracks?

Anyone out there – can you help? 🙂


Published by Musings of a GO

I am an engineer who worked in almost all branches of the Telecom Department of Government of India. I consider myself to be cool and collected at all times, myself being the operative word .....! I am a homebird and love being with my family. I miss my loving wife of more than five decades ..... she left for her Heavenly abode two years ago.

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